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More Mixed 2D Practice

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  1. Trisha throws a rock with an initial horizontal velocity of 11 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 12 m/s off of a 30 m tall cliff. What is the range of the rock? How fast is the rock moving in the x direction when it hits the ground?
  2. Cornelius throws a can of coke horizontally off of a 2 m tall platform. The can travels 5 m before it hits the ground. What was the initial velocity of the can?
  3. An object is launched with an initial horizontal velocity of 25 m/s and it travels 40 m horizontally. What was the initial vertical velocity of the object?
  4. If an object has an initial horizontal velocity of 8 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 12 m/s, how far away should the object be from a 4 m tall wall so that it just clears the wall on the way down?
  5. A bullet if fired horizontally off of a 10 m tall roof with a velocity of 800 m/s. How far will it travel horizontally before it hits the ground?


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