Period or Frequency

For each of the following scenarios, determine if you were given a period or a frequency.


  1. John paddles around the lake six times in one hour.
  2. Victoria does one lap around the gym in one minute and twenty seven seconds.
  3. It takes five minutes for Tolboom to eat one 12 inch sandwich.
  4. The radio station signal oscillates at 101.5 Mhz.
  5. The processor completes 2 billion mathematical operations in one second.
  6. Mr. Jessop can do 10 pull ups in 15 seconds.
  7. It takes Mr. Tolboom 15 seconds to do one pull up.
  8. It takes Mr. Rooney fifteen minutes to travel around the cross country course.
  9. Mr. Tolboom can complete the cross country course twice in one day.
  10. Deep in the forests of West Nor'Lock the mystical exploding squirrels continue injure and alarm weary travelers who happen upon their habitat. On average, one squirrel explodes every fifteen minutes.