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More Circular Motion Practice

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  1. The planet Tolboomonia has a circular orbit around a star in a far off galaxy. It is traveling at 1300 m/s. If it has a centripetal acceleration of 0.06 m/s^2, how far is it from the sun? (2.82e7 m, solution)
  2. Suzan is twirling a sling psychrometer (this actually exists) over her head. It has a mass of 0.5kg and she feels a force in her hand of 8N while she is swinging it. If she swings it with a radius of 1m, what is the tangential velocity of the psychrometer? (4 m/s, solution)
  3. Edgar is riding his tricycle around the gym. If he goes around the gym seven times in one minute, what is his period? (8.3 s, solution)
  4. What is the centripetal force required to make a 10kg object move in a circle of radius 5m with a period of 0.5s? (7890 N, solution)
  5. Paul is driving a 1230 kg sports car around a flat circular track. The track has a radius of 200m and it takes him 21 seconds to go around once. What is the coefficient of friction between the wheels and the road? (1.8, video)


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