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Some More Practice Problems

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  1. What is the centripetal force required to make a 50kg object move with a centripetal acceleration of 0.6 m/s^2? (30N)
  2. Calculate the force of attraction between two 4.5e24kg objects separated by a distance of 8.4e17m. (1914N)
  3. A 15kg object and a 20kg object have a gravitational force of attraction of 0.08N between them. How far apart are they? (5e-4m)
  4. The earth has a radius of 6.3e6m. Calculate your tangential velocity RIGHT NOW on the surface of the earth. (458m/s)
  5. Type your weight into google and find out your mass in kg. Using your answer to #4 calculate the centripetal force required to keep you from flying off the surface of the earth. 
  6. Calculate the force due to gravity between yourself and the earth which has a mass of 5.97e24kg.
  7. Jeremy spins a can tied to the end of a string with a tangential velocity of 11 m/s. If the string is 0.25m long, what is the period of the can? (0.14s)

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