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Impulse and Momentum Practice Problems

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  1. Ricky has a mass of 50kg and his bike has a mass of 12kg. He is traveling at 2m/s, what is his momentum? Assuming he accelerates to 6m/s, what is his new momentum? What was his change in momentum? (124kgm/s, 372kgm/s, 248 kgm/s, answer)
  2. What is the momentum of a 15kg bowling ball traveling at 0.25m/s? (3.75kgm/s, answer)
  3. Sisyphus applies 50N of force to a 25kg rock for 50s. What is the impulse applied to the rock? (2500Ns, answer)
  4. A model rocket engine provides 8N of thrust for 4s, what is the impulse provided by the engine? Assuming the rocket engine travels horizontally and there is no air resistance, what will the change in momentum of the rocket engine be? If the rocket engine has a mass of 0.25kg and starts from rest, what will its final velocity be? (32Ns, 32kgm/s, 128m/s, answer)
  5. For the following problem, disregard friction. Holden punches a wall. His fist is in contact with the wall for 0.25s and his punch causes a 2kg brick to be pushed out of the wall. The brick is initially at rest and has a final velocity of 7m/s. What was the force Holden applied to the wall? (56N, answer)



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