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Collision Problems

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  1. Paco is driving in his 500kg car when he gets rear-ended by a 800kg truck. Paco is driving at 3m/s and the truck was driving at 20m/s. Assuming the truck slows down to 4m/s after the collision, what is Paco's new velocity? (answer)
  2. Paco is driving a rental car the following day which has a mass of 300kg when he gets in a head-on collision with another car that has a mass of 500kg. Paco was traveling at 15m/s north and the other car was traveling at 10m/s south. After the collision the cars get stuck together. What is their final velocity? (answer)
  3. Paco is being transported to the hospital in an ambulance traveling east on the highway, when the back door opens up and his stretcher rolls out the back. Paco is now travelling east on the highway at 15m/s in his stretcher behind the ambulance. The ambulance driver realizes that Paco fell out the back and slams on the brakes.  Paco has a mass of 75kg and his stretcher has a mass of 10kg. The ambulance has a mass of 1000kg. Paco's stretcher slams into the back of the now stopped ambulance just as the driver puts the ambulance in neutral. If Paco's stretcher stops, how fast does the ambulance begin moving? (answer)
  4. Paco decides to sue the medical transport company that owns the ambulance he was transported in. On his way into the courthouse Paco is removing his keys from his pocket to step through the metal detector when the security guard perceives a furtive movement. The security guard, a 110kg ex-WWE superstar, decides to issue a precautionary dropkick to Paco's face. Paco, who has a mass of 75kg and was initially standing still, goes flying at 3m/s through a pane of glass. The security guard has no horizontal velocity following the kick and lands gracefully on his side. How fast was the security guard moving when he kicked Paco in the face? (answer)
  5. A ball of clay has a mass of 20kg and is rolling at 5m/s when it collides with a 5kg stationary ball of clay. If the balls of clay stick together after impact, how fast will they be rolling? It should also be noted that the balls of clay roll off the table and onto Paco's foot, breaking his big toe. (answer)

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