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Impulse and Momentum Big Bad Problems

Page history last edited by Tolboom 7 years, 3 months ago
  1. Juliet falls off of a 25 m tall balcony. She has a mass of 70kg. If the time of her collision with the earth is 0.25s, what was the force felt by her body? (HINT: check the equations in the sidebar -> kinematics, change in momentum, impulse, 6188N, solution)
  2. Romeo is paddling a 120kg boat and traveling with a constant velocity. His boat has a momentum of 280 kgm/s. If he is paddling directly across a 12m wide river which has a downstream current of 5m/s how far downstream from where he started will he end up? (HINT: figure out how much time it takes him to cross the river first, 26m, solution)
  3. What is the angle and magnitude of Romeo's resultant velocity vector in #2? (5.5m/s @ 245.5°, solution)
  4. Two 0.5kg billiard balls are traveling in opposite directions at 1 m/s when they collide. One billiard ball bounces off in the opposite direction at 0.5m/s. What is the velocity of the second billiard ball? (0.5m/s, solution)
  5. Jimmy fires a cannonball at an angle of 30° above the horizontal. The expanding gases of the explosion apply a force of 8000N to the 2kg for 0.1s in the barrel of the cannon. What is the range and max height of the cannonball? (14116.8m, 2040.8m, solution)

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