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Roller Coaster Summative Activity

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Imagine you are creating an ideal, frictionless roller coaster. By following this scenario you will review work, power, energy, impulse, momentum, and circular motion.


Part I


  1. You want the first hill on your roller coaster to be as tall as the three story school building you are currently in. How tall is that (in meters)?
  2. The mass of the roller coaster car is going to be 200kg. With you sitting in it, what is the total mass?
  3. What is the weight of the roller coaster car with you sitting in it?
  4. How much work will it take for you and your car to be towed up the first hill? 



Part II


  1. If you want the car to be pulled up the first hill at a 45° angle, how much distance will the car cover (not vertical, or horizontal, but the actual distance the car travels, draw a diagram and use SOH, CAH, TOA)?
  2. If your car covers that distance at a constant velocity of 1 m/s, how long will it take for you to get to the top of the first lift hill?
  3. What is the power output of the engine that tows you to the top of the first hill?
  4. If you have a velocity of 1 m/s at the top of the first hill, what is the total energy of you and the car?
  5. Assuming the next hill has a height of 5 m, what is the PE, KE, and velocity of you and the car at that hill?


Part III


  1. If you then go into a banked curve that is 3 m above the ground, what is your velocity entering that curve?
  2. If the curve has a radius of 10 m and goes in a complete circle, how long would it take the car to go around the circle once?
  3. What is your centripetal acceleration as you go around the curve?
  4. What is the centripetal force experienced by you and the car as you go around that curve?
  5. Assume you slide out of the car and go flying off at a tangent, how fast will you be traveling?


Part IV 

  1. What is your momentum as you fly through the air?
  2. If you hit a bunch of straw bales that have a stopping force of 1000N, how long will it take you to come to a stop?
  3. Would you ever ride this roller coaster again? 

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