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Electrostatics Movie

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Use your iPad to create a movie with your group that answers the following questions.  Be sure to use a whiteboard so you can explain what is happening in terms of electrons.  Your movie will be assessed based on its clarity and completeness.


1. What are induction, conduction and polarization?

2. When a rubber rod is rubbed with wool, the rod becomes negatively charged.  What can you conclude about the magnitude of the wool's charge after the rubbing process?  Why?

3. What did Millikan's oil-drop experiment reveal about the nature of electric charge?

4. A typical lightning bolt has about 10.0 C of charge.  How many excess electrons are in a typical lightning bolt?

5. If you stick a piece of transparent tape on your desk and then quickly pull it off, you will find that the tape is attracted to other areas of your desk that are not charged.  Why does this happen?

6. Metals, such as copper and silver, can become charged by induction while plastic materials cannot.  Explain why.

7. Why is an electrostatic spray gun more efficient than an ordinary spray gun?


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