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Horizontally Launched Problem Practice

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  1. Steve throws a banana horizontally off a 50 m tall cliff. If the banana lands 20 m from the base of the cliff, what was its initial velocity? (3.19 s, 6.3 m/s)
  2. Steve throws an apple horizontally off a 25 m tall cliff. If he throws it with an initial horizontal velocity of 11 m/s, how far from the base of the cliff will it land? (2.25 s, 24.75 m)
  3. Continuing in his demonstration of hatred for fruit and love for free fall, Steve throws a pear with an initial horizontal velocity of 3 m/s off of a cliff. The pear travels 10 m horizontally before it lands. How tall is the cliff? Why does Steve hate fruit? (3.3 s, -52.9 m)
  4. A stuntwoman drives a car off a 20 m tall cliff while traveling at 25 m/s. How far will she travel horizontally before she lands? (2.02 s, 50.5 m)
  5. Ricky throws a grape horizontally with an initial velocity of 16 m/s off of a cliff. The grape lands 20 m from the base of the cliff. How fast is the grape traveling in the vertical direction, just before it hits the ground? (1.25 s, -12.25 m/s)


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