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More Impulse and Momentum Practice Problems

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  1. Terrance applies 30N of force to Phillip who has a mass of 60kg.  Assuming Phillip was moving at 3m/s initially, and Terrance applied his force for 4s, what is Phillip's final velocity? (5m/s)
  2. Two ice hockey pucks are traveling in the same direction when they collide on ice and bounce off of each other.  The first puck has a mass 2kg and an initial velocity of 15m/s the second puck has a mass of 1.5kg and an initial velocity of 3m/s.  After the impact the second puck has a final velocity of 10m/s.  What is the final velocity of the first puck? (9.75m/s)
  3. What is the momentum of a 0.5kg bird flying at 10m/s? (5kgm/s)
  4. Two cars are heading towards each other, each at 10m/s.  The first car has a mass of 1000kg and the second car has a mass of 500kg.  After the collision the first car comes to a stop.  What is the final velocity of the second car?  In what direction is that velocity? (10m/s)
  5. A 0.38 caliber bullet has a mass of 0.150kg and a muzzle velocity of 600m/s.  Assuming it is fired at a resting dummy with a mass of 70kg and it gets stuck inside the dummy, what would the final velocity of the dummy be?  How realistic is it when people are shot in action movies and they fly into the air? (1.28m/s)
  6. A 4.3 kg rocket shoots 0.89 kg of exhaust gas out of its engine with an average velocity of 755 m/s.   Compute the speed of the rocket. (156m/s)
  7. A force of 1500 N is required to stop a car moving at an initial speed of 26 m/s in 21 s.   Compute the mass of the car. (1211.5kg)


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