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Easy Impulse and Momentum Problems

Page history last edited by Tolboom 5 years, 3 months ago
  1. A force of 50N is applied to an object for 10s. What is the impulse applied? (500 kgm/s)
  2. If the object in #1 has a mass of 100kg and starts at 2m/s, what will its final velocity be? (7 m/s)
  3. A marble has a mass of 0.075kg and is rolling at 2m/s. What is its momentum? (0.15 kgm/s)
  4. If the marble in #3 rolls to a stop in 3s, what was the force applied to it? (-0.05 N)
  5. A pickup has a mass of 1000kg and is moving at 25mph. What is its momentum in kgm/s? (11,176 kgm/s)


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